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Why java highlights your resume?
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With the growing importance of web based and mobile based applications, Java today is the foundation for most networked applications and is considered to be useful for scripting, web-based content, enterprise software, games and mobile applications.

Every enterprise uses Java in one way or other. As per Oracle, more than 3 billion devices run applications designed on the development platform. Java is widely used for Desktop GUI applications, embedded systems, Web applications, including eCommerce applications, front and back office electronic trading systems, settlement and confirmation systems, data processing projects, Mobile applications including Android applications, Enterprise applications, Scientific applications, Middle ware products almost covering entire IT Industry. That’s the reason why you get relatively more Job Opportunities 

when you have “JAVA” in your resume.

In conclusion, almost 20 years after its inception, Java continues to deliver considerable value to the world of software development. Java 8, in fact, offers new features such as a salable and flexible platform for the Internet of Things, less boilerplate code, new date and time library and API, refreshed graphics toolkit, integration with JavaScript, and others. This upgrade is in line with modern enterprise requirements and will sustain the relevance of this popular programming language, which is often deemed as the ‘lingua franca’ (common language) by many developers in the industry.

Key highlights:
•Online Java training in USA- Virtual class room, live participant, teacher led 
•Job oriented, all-inclusive curriculum and practice projects
•Resume and Mock interview guidance
•One Time Pay - Life Time Access
•100% job placement support post-course completion
•Flexible timings

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