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Why fortune 500 companies uses this programming language…
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While developing applications for big corporate, programming language should fast, optimized for performance and easier to maintain in future. Complex business logic also needs a backing of excellent open source support. One should be able to resolve complex logical issues by just googling it. 

When corporate architects look around for such a solution, the only answer they get is JAVA.

The reason why 90% of Fortune 500 companies uses JAVA programming language because it’s fast, reliable, robust and optimized for performance. Plus Java has very strong open source community helping new developers to move faster in their career. With 2nd Largest StackOverflow Community and 4th Largest Meetup Community; JAVA enjoys the status of 2nd Most-tagged Language at GitHub

With its “Simple to Learn” status,  Java ecosystem is quite massive and mature, so there are plenty of good tools and libraries that will greatly ease the process of developing Java apps and learning Java for Career. 

Key highlights:
•Online Java training in USA- Virtual class room, live participant, teacher led 
•Job oriented, all-inclusive curriculum and practice projects
•Resume and Mock interview guidance
•One Time Pay - Life Time Access
•100% job placement support post-course completion
•Flexible timings

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