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Do not take country club apartments if you donot want to end up paying more money
Phone :
Please DoNOT take country club apartments as they take your money in the form of unnecessary fines.

Recently i also experienced the same and ended up paying $800. Even repeated checking with them the only answer we got is "Resident is liable to pay even that is an old apartments"

Indetailed case:

1. Fine of 75$ for any parcel that comes on others name to your address( smiply they will mention as unauthorished occupant)
2. Small crackes to door or any wooden, we will not mention in move in list right-- as the apartment is very old. Seeking this as an advantage these people will fine $125 as damage showing the old pic. They will not consider even if you tell it is before also.
3. If any treatment for bugs or insects is done, they will make you as liable and charge entire amount from you. I paid $800 for this. however other communities like parkwest, old english they bared the chargers and done it.

Please be aware and take video of house before you move IN.